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The October issue of Energy Source looks at the objectives that lie at the heart of our larger strategic resource allocation decisions.
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Paperless Ordering Receipt Transaction Screens (PORTS) 


Paperless Ordering Receipt Transaction Screens is an Internet application (tool) that enables major DLA Energy business processes. Depending on the specific program, it orders, invoices, documents, receipts and creates transportation, quality, and inventory transactions.

 There are two types of PORTS: Ground PORTS and Bulk PORTS.

Ground PORTS: Fuels Automated System Enterprise Server PORTS and Posts, Camps and Stations PORTS have been combined to form Ground Ports. Mostly commercial specification fuels to include heating oil, kerosene, unleaded gasoline, etc.

Bulk PORTS: Mostly military specification fuels delivered in bulk quantities to include JP8, JP5 and marine diesel such as F76. Also includes additives such as fuel system icing inhibitor and lubes.

AMPS: The online access request site for both Ground and Bulk PORTS.


NOTICE:  DLA Energy issues its solicitations through the Government Point of Entry (GPE), http://www.FedBizOpps.gov.  Vendors should be suspicious of any solicitations not publicized on the GPE.