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The October 2010 issue of Energy
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July issue of Energy Source

The October issue of Energy Source looks at the objectives that lie at the heart of our larger strategic resource allocation decisions.
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 Energy Source October 2014

The October issue of Energy Source looks at the objectives that lie at the heart of our larger strategic resource allocation decisions.

 DLA Energy Headquarters

Welcoming a New Commander
DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Mark McLeod sits down with the Energy Source editor and discusses his vision for the organization.

Wargame Prep
A wargame putting the Pacific's fuel network to the test will focus on determining improvements Sept. 29 to Oct. 3 at the Center for Naval Analysis Complex in Arlington, Virginia.

Environmental Restoration
Defense Logistics Agency Energy funds the environmental restoration projects turning fuel and chemically contaminated land into parks and open recreation space.

Helium Drawdown   
Operations in Afghanistan are drawing down to enduring locations, the Army's reconnaissance and surveillance aerostat program is reducing its numbers, and DLA Energy is involved in a drawdown of the helium supply chain.

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Brig. Gen. Mark M. McLeod, USAF:

I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved – Sun Tzu

In the coming weeks, we’re putting a lot of DLA “Energy” into revising our global petroleum strategy for the Department of Defense. Our premiere kickoff event in the endeavor, which you can read more about in this edition, takes place this month here — the United States Pacific Command Fuel Wargame.

The DLA-hosted wargame will culminate several years of effort borne out of President Barack Obama’s declaration of U.S. “Rebalance” to the Pacific. In order to set the theater for successful operations, we’ll ensure there is sufficient fuel from the global supply chain, available through agile military and civilian delivery means to resilient and dispersed locations, and all backed up with an enduring strategic theater reserve.



With the inaugural issue of July 2009, the Fuel Line magazine becaume the Energy Source. More... 
Energy Source is an official publication distributed quarterly by and for DLA Energy and energy oriented clientele. More... 
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One face of Defense Logistics  Agency 
Defense Logistics Agency Energy Americas Commander Army Col. Ronald Ross describes the DLA Energy mission in the region.


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Contracting officer named Defense Logistics Agency Employee of the Quarter
02/13/2013 - A Defense Logistics Agency contracting officer, was recognized as the DLA Energy employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013.

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