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April issue of Energy Source

The April issue of Energy Source explores the partnerships the enterprise works with to achieve mission success.
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 Energy Source April 2014

The April issue of Energy Source explores the partnerships the enterprise works with to achieve mission success.


 Interagency Partnerships 
Interagency partnerships offer a resource that DLA Energy’s Quality and Technical Support office members use to solve issues impacting both DLA Energy, the federal government and the fuel industry as a whole.

 When Disaster Strikes  
From extreme floods to unprecedented tornado outbreaks and hurricanes, Defense Logistics Agency Energy partners with the Federal Emergency Management Agency when disaster strikes.

 Technical Assistance
The Defense Logistics Agency Energy’s technical assistance team returned from a mission in support of the Iraqi army’s fuel capabilities in December.

 Balancing Act  
A significant challenge facing the Defense Logistics Agency today is simultaneously supporting Army forces in Afghanistan and helping the service plan and execute its withdraw from the country.

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Brig Gen. Giovanni K. Tuck, USAF:

We have a global enterprise supplying around 105 million barrels of fuel a year, and between 52 to 55 million barrels of inventory on hand at any given time throughout the world – but we can’t do it by ourselves. We absolutely need partnerships to get this done.

You will see more in this edition about the scope of our partnerships than I can credit here, but we partner with a surprising number of groups, agencies and services outside of our organization to do some outstanding work. For example, we have ties with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Energy, the State Department and many other federal agencies. Those relationships are critical, as are our service and joint relationships that we have with the combatant commanders, or at the policy level with the Office of Secretary of Defense or the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics office.



With the inaugural issue of July 2009, the Fuel Line magazine becaume the Energy Source. More... 
Energy Source is an official publication distributed quarterly by and for DLA Energy and energy oriented clientele. More... 
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One face of Defense Logistics  Agency Energy
Defense Logistics Agency Energy Europe & Africa Commander Army Col. Robert Weaver describes the DLA Energy mission in Europe and Africa.


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Contracting officer named Defense Logistics Agency Employee of the Quarter
02/13/2013 - A Defense Logistics Agency contracting officer, was recognized as the DLA Energy employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013.

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