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The October 2010 issue of Energy
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Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source
The Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source shows the range of activities DLA Energy Europe & Africa employees perform across two continents.
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 Energy Source Summer 2015

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The Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source shows the range of activities DLA Energy Europe & Africa employees perform across two continents.

 DLA Energy Europe & Africa

Sharing Their Findings
The DLA Energy Europe & Africa petroleum laboratory in Germany is the team the region turns to for fuel sample analysis, but testing is just on part of the mission.

Strategic Use of Pipelines
With military operations in Europe expanding, the efficient, effective use of the fuel pipeline systems on the continent by the U.S. in support of the warfighter and partner nations becomes more vital.

Crossing Borders
When nations answer the call to support one another's operations, international agreements come into play.

Overseas Tours  
For those looking to broaden and diversify their career expertise, an overseas tour at DLA Energy Europe & Africa may be just the answer.

Standing Alone
Standing alone, Defense Fuel Support Point Djibouti is the only intermediate fuel point on the continent of Africa.

Fighting Ebola
DLA's mission was to pre-position material so troops could start building 17 Ebola treatment units as soon as they arrived.

Energy Expansion
Even as DLA Energy participated in the headline-grabbing fight against Ebola in Africa, it supported a vital training and exercise expansion in Europe aimed at increasing regional stability.

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Brig. Gen. Mark M. McLeod, USAF: 
Our organization has a proud and rich history, dating back to World War II and the then ‘Army-Navy Petroleum Board.’ The War Department granted us responsibility over bulk petroleum and facilities management way back in 1942 … Over the next 73 years, the Defense Fuel Support Center became the integrated material manager (1973), and took on military construction (1985), natural gas (1991) and electricity responsibilities (1999). Shortly after that, the Defense Energy Support Center took ownership of missile fuel, was designated as the executive agent for bulk petroleum and changed our name to DLA Energy (2010).



With the inaugural issue of July 2009, the Fuel Line magazine becaume the Energy Source. More... 
Energy Source is an official publication distributed quarterly by and for DLA Energy and energy oriented clientele. More... 
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One face of Defense Logistics Agency Energy
DLA Energy Europe & Africa employees perform across two continents.




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Contracting officer named Defense Logistics Agency Employee of the Quarter
02/13/2013 - A Defense Logistics Agency contracting officer, was recognized as the DLA Energy employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013.

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