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Spring 2015 issue of Energy Source
The Spring 2015 Issue of Energy Source focuses on how the DLA Energy Americas professionals carry out their mission set throughout our nation and beyond its borders every day.
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Interim Policy & Procedures 
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Training courses and opportunities are located on the DLA Energy Library page on the  Energy Portal on Defense Enterprise Portal Service (DEPS). 

New Interim Policy and Procedural Guidance is now located on DEPS as well. All DLA Energy Supply Chain Interim Policy Implementation and Procedural Guidance is located on the DLA Energy Publications Library page on Energy Portal.  It requires a Common Access Card (CAC) for authentication and you must use your email certificate.

For users who cannot access DEPS because they do not have a Common Access Card (CAC), please review the table below for policy documents you need.  You may request a copy of the document by email by clicking here .

Do you receive a "12202 Authentication Failed" error?  Click  here for the resolution.


Current as of 28 Jan 2015

Control Number

Document Title

Applicable To

Document Date

DLA Energy   P-1

Recording and Processing Inventory Transactions

All Stock Points

23 Dec 13

P-1 Interim Processing Guidance

Zero Gallon Transaction Rejects


20 Aug 13


Receipt and Shipment of Petroleum Products

All Stock Points

27 Apr 10


WAWF and Commercial Shipment Number

All Stock Points

9 Sep 13

DLA Energy   P-3

Document/Data Control and Retention

All Stock Points

21 Feb 12


Prohibition Against Entering Privacy Act Information/Personally Identifiable Information in the Base Level Systems Application (BLSA)

All Stock Points using Fuels Control Center

20 Apr 10

DLA Energy-P-5

Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Key Encoding, Accountability, and Control

All Stock Points

1 Apr 14

DLA Energy   P-6

Authorized Customers and Cash Sales

All Stock Points

10 Jun 14

DLA Energy   P-7

Accountability and Custodial Responsibilities for Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Inventory and Government Property

All Stock Points

5 Feb 14

DLA Energy  P-8

Fuel Card Program

All Stock Points

2 Mar 14

DLA Energy   P-9

DoD Petroleum Laboratory Correlation Program

All Stock Points

22 Sep 11

DLA Energy  P-10

Segregation of Duties

All Stock Points

26 Feb 14

DLA Energy P-11

Aerospace Energy

All Aerospace Energy Defense Fuel Support Points

6 Aug 14


Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) Funding Policy for Fixed Petroleum Facilities

All Defense Fuel Support Points

03 May 10


Government Fuel Card (GFC) Program Dispute Processes

All DoD Government Fuel Card Managers/Users

27 May 10

DLA Energy   P-14

Causative Research and Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss

All Stock Points

21 Mar 11

DLA Energy   P-15

Defense Working Capital Fund Capitalization

All Stock Points

1 Jan 12



All Stock Points

30 Jan 08


Exercise and Contingency Operations

All Stock Points

19 Jul 12

DLA Energy   P-18

Requests for Waiver and/or Exception to DoDM 4140.25 and DLA Energy Interim Policy Implementation and Procedural Guidance

All Stock Points

16 Jul 14

DLA Energy   P-19

Retail Cash Sales SOP for Camp Carroll and K-16 Seoul AB, Republic of Korea

Camp Carroll and K-16 Seoul AB, ROK

3 Jan 2013

DLA Energy   P-20

Quality Manager And Quality Assurance Representative Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Acceptance Guidance


DLA Energy Quality Managers and QARs

22 Jan 13

DLA Energy   P-21

JP-8 (F-34) Conversion To Commercial Grade Jet A With Additives/F-24 Conus

All Stock Points

25 Nov 13

DLA Energy   P-22

Procedures for Requisitioning, Funding Requests, or Reimbursement of Filter/Coalescere Elements

All Stock Points

12 Feb 15

DLA Energy P-25

Base Level Support Application (BLSA) Administrator Procedures

All Stock Points

10 Jun 14

DLA Energy P-26

DLA Energy Automated Information system (AIS) Applications Access

All DLA Energy Automated Information Systems Users

4 Apr 14

DLA Energy P-27

Processing of Fuel Sales to Disaster Relief Agencies

All Stock Points

5 Nov 13

DLA Energy P-29

Procedures For Service Line-of-Accounting (LOA) Table in the DLA System of Record

Customer Finance Personnel responsible for maintaining Line of Accounting data in DLA System of Record

6 May 14

DLA Energy P-30

Sales and Credits of Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Products

All Stock Points

16 Jul 14

DLA Energy P-31

Cash Sales Procedures for Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Owned Fuel

All Stock Points

7 Jul 14

DLA Energy         P-32

Base Level Defense Fuel Support Point (DFSP) Fuels Manager Defense (FMD) Training

All Stock Points

27 Sep 13

DLA Energy         P-33

Quality Manager and Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Inspection Date Guidance

DLA Energy Quality Managers and QARs

25 Apr 14

DLA Energy P-37

Processing Reversals/Changes to DWCF Transactions

All Stock Points



Processing of CNG and MLP Sales to Mobility Equipment/On-Base Vehicles

All Stock Points

01 May 10


Defense Energy Support Center Fuel Purchase Agreement Program

All Defense Fuel Support Points and Commercial Customers

17 Feb 10


Non-DoD Aviation, Marine, and Bulk Ground Fuels Customer Sales Report

All Stock Points

12 Jan 10


Superseded by DLA Energy P-31

All Stock Points

8 Oct 09

DLA Energy I-9

Quality/Technical Management

All Stock Points

9 Jan 12


Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) Business Rules for Challenged Transactions

All Stock Points

13 Jan 10

DLA Energy     I-11

Standard Operating Procedures for Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Owned Fuel at Defense Fuel Support Points Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom

DFSPs in support of OEF

26 Jun 12


Superseded by DLA Energy P-37

All Stock Points

8 Oct 09


Fuel Spill/Leak Reporting

All Stock Points

28 Jan 08


Conversion of Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD) Storage to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

All Stock Points

19 May 10


JP-8+100 Management at Defense Fuel Support Points

All Stock Points

24 May 10


In-Flight Transaction Process for Non-Stocked Products

Stock Points that Process In-Flight Transactions

12 Sep 05

DLA Energy     I-18

Instructions for Requisition, Funding Requests, or Reimbursement of Filter/Coalescer Elements

All DFSPs and facilities having custody of DWCF bulk petroleum products

10 Nov 11


Electronic Signature Application for DD Form 1449, DD Form 250 and DD Form 250-1, Ground PORTS Orders via Fuels Enterprise Server (FES) PORTS Order Systems

US Air Forces in Japan

07 Dec 09


Defense Fuel Support Point (DFSP) Closure

All Services, Regions, and DLA Energy Joint Petroleum Office Representatives

27 Apr 10


Superseded by DLA Energy P-30

All Stock Points

DLA Energy     I-22

Superseded by DLA Energy P-22

All Defense Fuel Support Points


Superseded by DLA Energy P-25

All Stock Points

17 Dec 09

DLA Energy     I-24

Superseded by DLA Energy P-26

All DLA Energy Automated Information Systems Users

13 Apr 11


Standard Operating Procedures for Processing Sale or Credit (Defuel) Transactions for Ships

All Stock Points

14 Nov 06

DLA Energy     I-26

Procurement of Mechanical Imprinters, Forms, and Station Plates Used to Record Fuel Sale and Credit Transactions

Stock Points and Agencies that require Fuel Identaplates

17 Sep 12

DLA Energy     I-28

Processing Fuel Oil Reclaimed (FOR) Returns

All Stock Points

19 Jan 11

DLA Energy     I-29

Standard Operating Instruction for Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) Owned Fuels at Kuwait Operating Locations

All Stock Points Kuwait

26 May 12

DLAD      5025.3Q

DLA Records Retention


1 Sept 1