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The Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source shows the range of activities DLA Energy Europe & Africa employees perform across two continents.
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Defense Logistics Agency Energy executed a very successful year on behalf of the Department of Defense in fiscal year 2014, providing world-class global support through delivery of nearly 100 million barrels of fuel, 112 million cubic feet of helium and more than 1.1 billion kilowatt hours of renewable power. We also expertly supported the Afghanistan drawdown, ensured uninterrupted service to troops in combat and increased Days of Supply inventory levels to warfighters - all while cutting over $3 billion in our operating costs, fully implementing energy convergence and bringing our processes into audit ready status two years ahead of schedule. 

Only one phase is worthy of describing this effort:  “World Class.” 

In the coming year, we will build on our countless and near flawless operational successes through a strong ‘strategic’ focus on the combatant commands. Our emphasis begins with United States Pacific Command, where in accordance with President Barack Obama’s strategy to ‘rebalance’ to the Pacific, we will rebalance additional fuel stocks, infrastructure and investment in order to significantly reduce warfighter risk. This same line of effort will also help propel us in addressing a number of other DoD imperatives, including repairing aging petroleum infrastructure through our Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization program, reducing environmental risk by right-sizing underground storage and expanding commercial storage, and reducing overall supply chain costs through commercialization and consolidation.  

That’s just the start of what promises to be a dynamic year, because while simultaneously supporting   U. S. Central Command during the remaining drawdown, we’ll also help them craft a long-term fuel laydown strategy to help mitigate some of the same agility, resiliency and survivability challenges being faced in the Pacific. Our continuing Whole of Government partnerships, with agencies like the Department of Energy and DoD, will also help us lead and procure biofuels and other alternative fuel sources.  

Through this strategy, DLA Energy is once again committed to taking on all things ‘energy’ for DoD and beyond, and successfully executing them with agility, effectiveness and efficiency. We will expertly engage in the following to ensure DLA Energy remains a leader in energy support: 

Infrastructure – optimize, modernize and repair to in order to improve efficiency and minimize interruptions.

Environmental stewardship – right-size underground stores (better protection with lower risk). 

Commercial Maintenance – ensure cost effective methodologies are used to maintain each site.

Total Energy Portfolio – expand our role as provider of energy products and services for the DoD.

Disaster Support – to any agency during times of crisis; efficiently, effectively and quickly.

Small Business – meet and exceed our goal while expanding opportunities in the energy arena. 

If past performance is any indication, FY15 promises to add another chapter of innovation, achievement and vision to DLA Energy’s long and proud story.  That’s because we benefit from a dynamic team of acquisition and logistics professionals who capitalize on their inherent creativity to find better and smarter ways to solve our nation’s energy security challenges. Thus, DLA Energy’s final strategic commitment this year seeks to strengthen our workforce through a transparent and thorough review of our bi-annual culture and climate survey feedback, as we seek to increase communication at all levels, enhance mission effectiveness and improve work-life balance. 

That’s the vision - should be a great ride.    


Brig. Gen. Mark M. McLeod, USAF

Commander, DLA Energy