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April issue of Energy Source

The April issue of Energy Source explores the partnerships the enterprise works with to achieve mission success.
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When I first got here, I'll be the first to say I didn't know what DLA Energy really did. I had no idea the depth of our organization, what we provide to the warfighter and just how global our operation really was. For someone to come in to DLA Energy who really doesn't have a grasp of what we do - our mission, roles and responsibilities - what I'd like for them to take away is that we are moving towards "all things energy" for our customers.

For anyone taking a first look at DLA Energy, they need to realize that our non-petroleum missions are just as important as our petroleum missions. We work all the time with products that support alternative fuels, aerostats, NASA's space program and utilities such as electricity, natural gas and coal to name a few. It's not just about petroleum, although that is the bulk of what we do.

Since the military services are our customers, their non-petroleum energy needs become our priorities as well. For the Army, helium is huge. They're using it to float aerostats that provide an extra set of eyes in the air in Afghanistan. The Navy has been in the spotlight for its Great Green Fleet that we support through research and development with alternative fuels, which we've assisted through procurements of drop-in biofuel blends as recent as last year's Pacific RIMPAC Naval Exercise. The Air Force has used Fischer-Tropsch fuels we procured for their alternative fuels engine program. NASA also takes advantage of the support, with our liquid propellants helping launch Atlas V rockets and more.

Our teams cover non-petroleum assistance closer to home as well. From natural gas to energy savings performance contracts and so much more, our Installation Energy folks are ready to wherever an installation might have a unique energy need. And the same goes for our Utility Privatization team, handling contracts for energy infrastructure and electricity on installations that saves DoD money in the long run.

Our core competency is still acquisition and petroleum is our largest product line, but if there's a way that we can satisfy a customer's need in the cheaper, more efficient or more effective way with other commodities in our portfolio, we will certainly help our customers in that market.

Everything comes down to warfighter support, and I'd like to close on my recent travel to the Pacific. Thanks to our Pacific leaders for providing the forum, allowing me great insight into critical infrastructure and access to senior leaders. This will pay huge dividends by continued partnership. It also provided us areas where we need to focus and have the trust and confidence to produce results, from ensuring the flow of fuel to Okinawa, Japan, to events surrounding the government shutdown and keeping the senior leaders we met informed.


Air Force Brig. Gen. Giovanni Tuck

July 2012