2014 Directors Guidance
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The October 2010 issue of Energy
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April issue of Energy Source

The April issue of Energy Source explores the partnerships the enterprise works with to achieve mission success.
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One year after my first introduction to you, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with DLA Energy and how it has received a non-fuelie, former end user as a commander and transformed me into your advocate to DLA, the services and the Defense Department as a whole.

Going into my next year, the senior leaders and I are looking forward to continuing to build on the foundation of absolute success and support to the warfighter we’re known for. We are deliberately developing our civilian workforce to give them opportunities to go out into the field and become the next regional deputy commanders and liaison officers, and bring them back after their tours to capitalize on their expertise. We’re also looking forward to seeing our Energy Convergence and audit readiness efforts move from the planning and rollout stages to fruition in the next several years.

Shifting gears to the theme of this edition of the magazine, we can’t say enough good things about the unsung heroes of DLA Energy. These are the folks who put in the long hours either behind the scenes to make sure we meet the services’ specifications or on the ground in the regions making big things happen side by side with our customers doing reviews and facilitating support.

We highlight the amazing work our chemists, quality assurance representatives, liaison officers and contracting officer representatives do in this magazine, but those are really just the tip of the iceberg when talking about our teams who do unbelievable things, but aren’t always in the limelight. Our Direct Delivery folks can put a contract in place in a foreign country in a snap and our Installation Energy and Aerospace Energy units are experts with many our non-petroleum products, just to name a few more.

Sometimes things don’t get noticed until they go wrong, and I think that speaks a lot about why our unsung heroes are “unsung,” since they can always be counted on to do what’s needed. And for all of DLA Energy, you represent 5 percent of DLA’s entire workforce, but generate nearly half of the agency’s budget. Appreciate that statistic, because that makes everyone on the DLA Energy team a hero.