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Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source
The Summer 2015 issue of Energy Source shows the range of activities DLA Energy Europe & Africa employees perform across two continents.
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DLA Energy workforce recognized at annual awards ceremony 
Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer Team receives their awards
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The Defense Logistics Agency Energy’s Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer Team receives their Team Performance Award from DLA Director Navy Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek, center, with DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Tuck, right, accompanying the team. Photo by Teodora Mocanu
By Christopher Goulait, DLA Energy Public Affairs 

Members of the Defense Logistics Agency Energy earned three awards during the 46th Annual DLA Recognition Program at the McNamara Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, Va., Dec. 5.

Air Force Capt. Carissa Deeney earned an award as one of Ten Outstanding DLA Personnel, Vicki Hahn earned an Acquisition Excellence Award for Excellence in Pricing award and the Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer team earned a Team Performance Award.

Defense Logistics Agency Director Navy Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek congratulated each of the awardees and praised their efforts.

“Whenever I go out to speak or get interviewed, somebody invariably will ask me, ‘Admiral, what keeps you up at night?’” Harnitchek said. “Of course my answer is: ‘nothing.’ It’s not because I’m oblivious or not paying attention. I meant that sincerely. Any challenge that comes our way, I know you guys are going to leap over it, run through it, dig a hole under it, go around it, crush it, eat it, and somehow overcome.”

Harnitchek previewed several of the awards, and noted that DLA Energy was asked by the Army to take on the bulk fuel mission on Okinawa, and Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer team took it on with no arguments.

The DLA Energy recipients were recognized for the following achievements according to the awards program:

While serving in the role as operations officer for the Africa Area of Responsibilities, Deeney coordinated requirements and contract solicitation for 600,000 gallons of diesel fuel to an austere Special Forces base in support of Operation Juniper Shield. Her exemplary actions led to the ability of the United States and allied forces to combat violent extremist organizations on the continent of Africa. Furthermore, her supporting actions enabled a 68 percent decrease of piracy actions within the region. She was highly instrumental in the planning and execution of logistics support and personnel totaling 743 personnel, 70 airlift missions and movement of 1,800 short tons of mission cargo. Deeney supported operations in Turkey and Iraq and championed the first cross border ITV requirement, supporting more than 3,000 trucks of petroleum, oil and lubricant product worth $90 million. She enabled bulk petroleum deliveries amounting to 34 million gallons of product. These timely deliveries supported the sustainment and redeployment of 19 percent of the overall overseas contingency operation mission and 1,500 combat missions within the United States Central Command area of responsibility.

Hahn successfully conducted pre-proposal conferences at eight Air Force government-owned, contractor-operated locations, expertly fielding and answering questions from industry, both orally and in writing. This greatly improved their requirements awareness and sensitivity, ensuring the submission of more complete and accurate offer packages, and enabling best pricing. This effort was even more crucial because most of the attendees were small businesses who had not previously offered under DLA Energy procurement. Her efforts were crucial when married to the time sensitivity of the GOCO efforts to meet Air Force operational base requirements, and the impact on DLA Small Business goals. Hahn deftly worked to avoid delays during the pre-award phase, thereby ensuring the acquisition process was as smooth and seamless as possible. Her conference agenda has become the standard and is now the template for other team members to use for future pre-proposal conferences. It must be noted, Hahn’s efforts were a contributing factor in receiving proposed approaches in 2013 sufficient enough to save the Government approximately $6.9 million from the initial government estimate over five years.

The Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer Team worked tirelessly in partnership with the United States Army Pacific, the United States Army Installation Management Command Pacific Region and 11 other agencies to assume the petroleum mission. This comprised of six fuel tank farms, 78 miles of underground pipeline, two deep-sea fuel piers for tankering and bunkers, and two offshore tanker discharge facilities. The transfer resulted in no degradation in service to customers; significant cost savings; high satisfaction and low turnover and complete confidence and support from the overseeing general officers and senior executive service steering committee. Charged with executing a new paradigm for DLA Energy consistent with Executive Agent Directive 5101.8, the Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer Team’s membership spanned a broad cross section of specialties and 13 stakeholders. Working across a 13-hour time (and dateline) differential, the team capitalized on diverse ideas through nine integrated process teams. They were supported by routine updates to an extremely detailed and rigorous plan of action and milestones. This deliberate, structured manner promoted accountability in all functional areas by both the United States Army and DLA.

Members of the Okinawa Bulk Fuel Mission Transfer Team are Darcy Hall, Walter Riddlehoover, Jon Suetsugu, Richard Jenkins, Sarah Shiroma, Brad Hall, Don Pollack, Lynne Yoneda, Kristine Davidson, Luis Beza-Cay, Edward Guthrie, Gregory Garrett, Stewart Clarke, Shona Lawrence, Gregory Coleman, Shelley DeIvernois, David Henderson, Gary Arimoto, Vivian Kim, Denise Hisamoto, Diane Miho, Dean Orfield, William Nejdl and Allison Shinn-Yuen.

Also recognized in enterprise–wide awards was Peter Martinez, executive assistant to the DLA Energy Americas commander, for being the Department of Defense 4th Estate civilian recipient of the 2013 National Organization of Mexican American Rights Meritorious Service Award earlier in the year.