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DLA Energy headquarters employees can save big bucks by ridesharing 
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“The users will save time, money and fuel and both the riders and drivers can save thousands of dollars per year,” Northern Virginia Base Realignment Closure Act Coordinator Peggy Tadej explained about the Northern Virginia real-time ridesharing pilot program launching this fall. Graphic courtesy of WeGoMil.com
By Clayton Grossinger, DLA Energy Public Affairs 

Do you commute daily to the Defense Logistics Agency Energy headquarters building? If so, you may qualify to save big bucks by participating in the Northern Virginia real-time ridesharing pilot program launching this fall.


The pilot program is aimed at the Base Realignment Closure Act sites along the I-95, I-395 and I-495 corridors Northern Virginia BRAC Coordinator Peggy Tadej explained.


The program will enable commuters to carpool with a different person every day to locations that are not well served by transit or slug lines, according to their website. A DLA Energy headquarters employee would only need to log on to www.WeGoMil.com or download the WeGoMil iPhone App and find a ride that’s going to Fort Belvoir, Va. The next step would be to book a ride with a driver and meet at a pre-arranged pick-up point. The minimal charge would then be transferred to the driver’s digital wallet based on the distance of your journey.


Tadej explained the pilot program will provide funding to individuals who gets involved for the first two months to encourage participation.


·     Riders will receive free rides the first month and 50 percent off in the second month if 20 trips (10 round trips) were completed in the first month

·     Drivers will receive $50 the first month and $50 the second month if 20 rides were picked up in the first month. Plus, the driver’s PayPal account will be credited with fares.


“The users will save time, money and fuel, and both the riders and drivers can save thousands of dollars per year,” Tadej said.


The real-time ridesharing program supporters’ main goal is to reduce the number of cars on the road, saving gas money and improving the environment one car at a time, as the website notes. Additionally, the daily wear and tear on DLA Energy employees’ cars would be minimized greatly.


Tadej is hopeful the program will become sustainable and eventually expand to other corridors. She added there are other two states that have the program in effect: California and Washington.


The Federal Highway Administration is funding this six-month program with matching funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation, Department of Rail and Public Transportation, City of Alexandria and Arlington and Fairfax Counties, as government partners. The Northern Virginia Regional Commission is overseeing this program.


For more information on the program, go to www.WeGoMil.com. If you have any questions, contact Peggy Tadej at 703-642-4635 or Peggy.Tadej@novaregion.org.